Among our activities are:
1. pursuance of violations of the rights of individual Muslims (or group of Muslims) by engaging in dialogue with both parties;
2. interacting with peer groups and non-Muslim bodies and individuals to promote peaceful coexistence;
3. reacting to contemporary issues and giving Islamic view-points on such particularly in the media through the issuance of press statements and organizing press conferences;
4. contributing to healthy growth of the polity through constant reaction to issues affecting the country and the leadership;
5. dousing tension within the country in times of crisis;
6. organization of seminars and public lectures;
7. operation of internet activities: MURIC’s Yahoo Group is Its website is while its blog is


1. 1997 Nurses in LUTH refused to attend to a Muslim woman in hijab unless she removed her hijab Protest letter written to Medical Director and circulated in LUTH Chief Staff Nurse visited MURIC office, apologized and promised better conduct in future
2. 1999 Muslim lady applicant at Central Bank of Nigeria to remain jobless because she refused to be examined by CBN male doctor MURIC visited CBN and dialoged with the authorities. CBN agreed to allow one of its male doctors to examine the lady.
She was eventually employed.
3. 2001 Federal Housing Authority threatened to pull down Gowon Estate Mosque at Egbeda MURIC wrote a petition to FHA FHA rescinded its decision. The mosque is still there till today.
4. 2003 Muslim women in Lagos disallowed from using hijab while taking the National I.D. Card scheme photograph MURIC wrote the authorities but they did nothing. A peaceful demonstration was therefore staged at the NOC office. NOC authorities came out to address placard-carrying Muslim women and immediately ordered its officials to allow Muslim women to retain their hijab.
5. 2003 An Imam was locked up in police cell just because police found a prayer portion he gave someone. MURIC ensured his release that same day by contacting a very senior female police officer. Police released the Imam on that same day.
6. 2004 College of Health Technology, Yaba, disallowed use of hijab by female Muslim students. MURIC wrote the school authorities and copied the Ministry of Education but the matter was not resolved until the Muslim students went to court. The Ikeja High Court declared the school’s action as illegal.
7. 2005 Tackled harassment of Muslim nurses by Lagos State Hospital authorities over use of hijab. MURIC received petition from affected nurses. MURIC wrote Lagos Hospital Management and met Muslim nurses. Hospital authorities stopped all forms of harassment.
8. 2005 Reports of poor elderly Muslims suffering from eye diseases. MURIC organized a Free Health-Care Day and invited Lagos State Ministry of Health. Lagos State Ministry of Health came with doctors, nurses, drugs and free eye-glasses on 25th May 2005.
9. 2005 National Political Reform Conference (NPRC): Christian chairman (Justice Niki Tobi), Christian Secretary (Rev. Fr. Hassan Kuka), 393 members appointed by President Obasanjo: Christians 233, Muslims 160 only (majority of 73 ) MURIC sent a memorandum listing grievances of Muslims in the Nigerian project. MURIC also protested against the lopsidedness of the composition of the membership. Prof Is-haq Oloyede appointed as Co-Secretary of Conference.
10. 2006 Provocative Danish Cartoon portraying Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. MURIC held a press conference on 13th February 2006 demanding apology. World-wide condemnation of the Danish cartoon and apology eventually offered by the Danish govt
11. 2006 NYSC intimidation of Muslim corpers in Lagos State. Muslim Corpers Association (MCAN) petitioned MURIC in writing seeking intervention. MURIC visited the NYSC secretariat in Surulere, Lagos and dialogued with the NYSC authorities. Matter amicably resolved
12. 2007 Muslim Electrician (Alfa Taofeeq Adewale Adegoke) unjustly detained at Ikotun police station.
MURIC dispatched a petition to the station’s DPO demanding the enforcement of the brother’s fundamental human right. The victim was released and case settled.
13. 2007 Muslim Students not allowed to attend Jumat service in all the 25 government technical colleges and vocational centers in Lagos State. Petition dispatched to college authorities. Copies sent to Lagos Governor and the Commissioner for Education MURIC invited for dialogue by the Special Adviser to the Gov on Technical Education. College principals directed to close schools by 1 pm every Friday to allow Muslims students to attend Jumat service.

14. 2007 Muslim Corpers maltreated by NYSC officials in Ogun State. MCAN petitioned MURIC. MURIC visited NYSC camp at Shagamu to investigate. Subsequently, MURIC sent a statement to the press. Published in The Nation newspaper of Sunday, 25th March 2007, p. 9) NYSC denies victimization of Muslim students. This case is still under investigation.


  1. Seminar Civil Shariah in South-Western Nigeria Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos Wed., 5th Feb, 2003
  2. Seminar Dialogue Among Cultures NIIA, Victoria Island, Lagos 19th Feb. 2003
  3. Public Lecture Religion & Violence Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos 30th June, 2004
  4. Seminar Terrorism in a Globalized World: Implications for Nigeria Beleke Smith, Surulere, Lagos 29th Dec. 2004
  5. Seminar Religious Thought & World Peace NIIA, Victoria Island, Lagos 29th January 2005
  6. Solidarity Visit Inter-Gender Solidarity in Islam FOMWAN Office, Makoko, Yaba, Lagos Sunday 22nd May 2005
  7. Picnic Islam & Social Life Badagry Beach Tuesday, 24th May, 2005
  8. Free Health-Care Day Islam & Healthy Living MURIC Office, Iba Estate Wed. 25th May, 2005
  9. Visit to Prison Islam & Rehabilitation of Prisoners Kirikiri Prison (Female Wing) Thursday, 26th May, 2005
  10. Seminar Muslim Women in Public Life Beleke Smith, Surulere, Lagos Sunday, 24th July, 2005
  11. Seminar Imam Khomeini & the Palestinian Question Beleke Smith, Surulere, Lagos Friday, 28th Oct. 2005
  12. Picnic Escaping Academic Boredom Eleke Beach, Lekki, Lagos Saturday, 10th Dec. 2005
  13. Symposium Suicide Bombing Okunuga Hall, LASU Thur. 15th Dec. 2005
  14. Symposium The Middle-East Conflict: Search For a Solution Okunuga Hall, LASU Thursday, 3rd August 2006
  15. Seminar The Position of Shariah Courts in Nigeria Okunuga Hall, LASU 19th Dec. 2006
  16. Symposium Corruption, Poverty & Terrorism: A Symbiotic Relationship? MBA Hall LASU Tuesday, 23rd Jan. 2007
  17. Public Lecture Islam & Political Awareness Iwo City Hall, Iwo, Oshun State Sat. 10th March, 2007
  18. Public Lecture Islam & Political Awareness Ife City Hall, Ile-Ife, Oshun State Sat. 17th March, 2007
  19. Public Lecture Islam & Political Awareness Oshogbo City Hall, Oshogbo, Oshun State Sat. 24th Marcch, 2007
  20. Seminar Peaceful Co-existence in a Multi-Religious Nigeria Conference Centre, University of Lagos 9th August, 2007
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