25th February, 2019





Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) last week released 131 names of Fulani victims of the Kajuru massacre which took place on 10th February, 2019. Although the state governor, Nasir ElRufai, earlier announced the killing of only 66, he later raised the figure to 131. The list supplied by MACBAN last week has confirmed this figure.        



Meanwhile the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has called on the Kaduna police command to arrest killers of 131 Fulanis in Kajuru Local Government of Kaduna State. In a statement issued on Monday, 25th February, 2019 and signed by its Founder and Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, the Islamic human rights organization wondered why no single arrest has been made 15 days after the heinous crime was committed.



“We want to know what is causing the delay. A whole 131 Nigerians were callously murdered in their sleep and nothing has happened. We just cannot believe this is happening in 21st century Nigeria. We cannot believe this is happening in a democracy. Where is the rule of law? Where is justice and fair play?



“Is it because the victims are Fulanis? Is it because the victims are Muslims? If a single Christian is killed in Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) will threaten hell and brimstone. The press will go agog. The Pope himself will demand justice. White House will ask for explanations. But everybody is quiet now that a staggering number of Fulani Muslims were massacred. This is selective justice. We demand action now.



“MURIC is watching the unfolding scenario with keen interest. We are shocked that the police is foot-dragging in this matter. Kaduna police command has refused to confirm the death toll thereby creating doubt and constituting itself into a clog in the wheel of justice. A figure confirmed by the governor who is the bona fide chief security officer of the state as well as the Nigerian Army is being doubted by the police command. What is the motive for this?



“We are very disappointed by the way the Kaduna police command is handling the Kajuru massacre. In particular, we like to know the reaction of Kaduna police to the list of victims released by MACBAN. There are 131 names on that list. Is the police saying those people never existed? Were they not Nigerians who should have been protected but were left to be killed mercilessly by blood-thirsty Adara militiamen?  



“A breakdown of the list published by MACBAN shows that 31 Fulanis were killed in Maro, 68 in Unguwan Ayama, 29 in Unguwan Dorawa and one each in Unguwan Adamu, Unguwan Kuntu and Unguwan Daurowa. This brings the total number of victims to 131.  



“The security of the lives of Nigerian Muslims and their freedom is the major concern of the Muslim Rights Concern. Differences in their ethnicity or social status is immaterial to us. Every Nigerian Muslim, whether in far-away Kaora Namoda in the North, Ugwashi-Uku in the South East, Calabar in the South South or Ila-Orangun in the South West must enjoy Allah-given fundamental human rights to life, freedom of religion and freedom of movement.



“We expect the Kaduna police command to have sprung to action a long time ago given the bestiality manifested in the Kajuru massacre. What kind of human beings are these Kajuru killers? Infants and very elderly Fulani Muslims were slaughtered in their sleep.



Kabiru Magaji and Ma’aja Salisu were just one-year old infants! The number of two-year olds killed is eleven (11). Their names as revealed by Miyetti Allah are: Jamila Nannu, Fatima Abdullahi, Usman Maa, Faoziya Abubaka, Dare Ja’e, Ramatu Haruna, Zainab Haruna, Biba Kadiri, Zainab Salisu, Amina Muhammad and Hadiza Muhammad. What crimes have these crawling infants committed? This is a serious crime against humanity.



“Ten of those killed were just three years old: Zainab Usman, Shamsiya Nannu, Sabiu Abdullahi, Gambo Maa, Hassana Abubaka, Musa Abubaka, Yahaya Abubaka, Hakima Kadiri, Sahina Kadiri and Baba Kadiri. Four of the victims were four years old: Sumba Kadiri, Salmanu Salisu, Buhari Muhammad and Mokawu Lawal. The merciless killers did not spare Fulani elders. Two of the victims were 100 years old : Bahago Ori and Ibrahim Usman while 95 years old Ma’adatu Lawal and 90 years old Wuringo Harira Bahago were not speared.



“MURIC calls the attention of the international community to the continuous crime against humanity in Nigeria with Muslims as main victims. Apart from this Kajuru massacre, more than 1,000 Fulanis were systematically eliminated in a span of seven months between June 2017 and January 2018. 732 Fulani Muslims were massacred in the carnage which occurred in June 2017 in Mambilla, Taraba State. 82 Fulani Muslim women and children were killed by Batchama militiamen in Numan Local Government of Adamawa State in November 2017.


“In January 2018 30 Fulanis were again killed in an attack by Batchama militia in Numan, Adamawa. On July 6, 2018, 14 Fulani Muslims were killed by gunmen suspected to be Nyandan militia in Fulani villages in Lau Local Government, Taraba State. Yet another 24 Fulanis were mowed down in the same Lau few weeks after that. 96 Fulanis were also massacred in Kajuru about the same time. This has gone too far. It is ethnic cum religious cleansing.


“We strongly condemn the silence of governors in the core North on the latest pogrom against Fulani Muslims. They failed to express solidarity with Governor ElRufai. This is an unforgiveable diplomatic failure. The world has become a global village and networking is the in-thing today. Nobody will respect Muslims or their leaders if they cannot defend themselves and stand together on issues like this. Governors in Muslim-majority states in the North should realise that they have a duty to protect the teeming population of Muslims in the region. They must come together in a spirit of Muslim brotherhood in times like this.  


“MURIC appeals to the Inspector General of Police to intervene. The culprits of this latest killing of 131 Fulani Muslims are roaming the streets. People who slay innocent infants, pregnant women and elderly persons are dangerous criminals who should not be allowed to walk freely in the society. We call on the Kaduna police command to stop its irrational questioning of the casualty figures and do the needful, particularly in the face of the list published by Miyatti Allah”.


Professor Ishaq Akintola,


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)



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