5th July, 2021




The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has again revealed that the lopsided recruitment in the Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire and Immigration Services Board (CDIPB) for which it raised the allegation that Sokoto State was short-changed in the 2019/2021 Replacement and Recruitment Supplementary List goes beyond Sokoto. MURIC alleged that seven Northern states, including Adamawa, Bauchi, Jigawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara, were affected.



The revelation was contained in a statement issued on Monday, 5th July, 2021 by Professor Ishaq Akintola, director of the organisation.


The statement read:


“It will be recalled that we raised the alarm about the recruitment sham in CDIPB on Friday, 2nd July, 2021 when we alleged that the exercise affected Sokoto only. But more information has since been provided by public spirited Nigerians. This led to the discovery that at least seven Northern States including Adamawa, Bauchi, Jigawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara were affected.  



“Names that are unrelated to the states were found on their lists. It is messy, stinking and nauseating. How do we explain finding Idike Chueke, Oko Nancy, Omeje, V, Orochukwu on the list of Adamawa State? Unfortunately those were the only three names released for Adamawa. Where are the names of thousands of unemployed indigenes of that state?



“Festus Oyemadu, Daniel Nonso and Moses James Amuna made up the list for Bauchi. Can these be names of Bauchi indigenes? Only one name was published for Katsina and it is Ogoma Okata Ibiam. It is shocking. The five names released for Kebbi State are Eze Henry, Ukpabi Chimaroke Tonna, Eze Anthony and Ugwuke Maryrose.



“Jigawa list has four names: Nebedum Stella, Ogbodu Chinelo, Nwuogbu Felicia and Inyima Ezime Uma while Zamfara’s five names are : Ozo Okechukwu, Oko Alfred, Chukwu Roseline and Inya Enyoka. Oko Alfred’s name occurred twice.



“Whereas Benue has 48 slots, Kogi has 48, Plateau has 27, Kaduna has 19 while Nasarawa has 16, two core Northern states, Kano and Katsina, have one slot each. Even the one in Katsina is Ogoma Okata Ibiam, obviously a South Eastern name. Who compiled this list?



“It is obvious that core Northern states (North East and North West) have been targeted for marginalisation while those in the Middle Belt have been highly favoured. Whereas each state should have at least eleven (11) since the total is 411 (36 x 11 = 396), the highest core Northern states got is five. Some got one only while Middle Belt states got embarrassingly high figures (48, 38, etc).



“Equally disturbing is the proliferation of Igbo names among those used to substitute the names of core Northerners. It is an open secret that unemployment is widespread in all Nigerian states. Why are some extremely desperate to the extent that they go to any length to deprive others in other to benefit themselves? This is a case of stolen slots. Who are those behind this scam? Where are those who are shouting ‘nepotism’? Is this not the Mother of All Nepotism?



“This scandal is an eye-opener in view of recent spurious allegation by Southerners and Middle Belters against the core North. We were daily inaundated with hate-filled messages that the North is monopolising jobs. Hate merchants spread false allegations of nepotism which are found to be false each time the real data of political appointments and employments are made public. But nothing beats this latest scandal.



“MURIC demands that the 2019/2021 recruitment exercise of CDIPB be put on hold while a probe is set up to investigate the circumstances surrounding this scandalous and shameful incident. Those found culpable must be sacked. A fresh, fair and transparent recruitment exercise must be embarked upon at the end of it all. The probe panel must find out whether or not there was adequate publicity before the exercise and to the role played by job-hoarding and marginalisation by substitution.



“We reiterate our commitment to fairness and equal distribution of the dividends of democracy. As an Islamic human rights organisation, we are dedicated to the Islamic principles of equal rights and justice enunciated in the Glorious Qur’an. As our members abound in all regions and states, North and South of Nigeria, MURIC will not tilt towards any particular tribe or region. It will be fair to all.



“The deafening silence of the Board of CDIPB three days after MURIC made the first allegation tends to mean that there is merit in this case. Something is certainly going on. CDIPB must speak up.”



Professor Ishaq Akintola,


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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