26th April, 2023




The fourteen (14) year old daughter of an Igbo Muslim, Mallam Tahir Akpan, has been reportedly defiled. The suspect, Emeka Emmanuel, 29, has been remanded in Kirikiri Correction Centre.



But an Islamic human rights organization, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has raised the alarm concerning attempts being made by certain people to sweep the matter under the carpet. MURIC has insisted on justice for the family of the defiled Muslim girl.



This was disclosed in a statement issued on Wednesday, 26th April, 2023 by the Executive Director of MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola.


The statement reads :


“A fourteen (14) year old Muslim girl has been allegedly defiled by one Emeka Emmanuel, 29 of No. 2, Sam Onwudinjo Street, Igbo Elerin, Lagos State. The victim is the daughter of an Igbo Muslim, Mallam Tahir Akpan.  



“Although the suspect has been remanded in Kirikiri Correction Centre by the Family Magistrate Court, Agbo Malu, Ajegunle since 13th April, 2023, we are raising the alarm today because of attempts being made by certain people to sweep the matter under the carpet.



“According to the victim’s father, Mallam Tahir Akpan, from Ini Local Government of Akwa Ibom State, a highly placed individual in Igbo Elerin, Lagos State, has threatened to deal with him for refusing to soft-pedal on the matter. The father also alleged that the culprit’s lawyer also threatened to write a petition against him alleging child abuse.



“MURIC rejects this attempt to arm-twist Mr. Tahir Akpan. He is a well educated, highly enlightened, disciplined and fearless man. The threat to deal with him and to charge him for child abuse is sheer blackmail. How can a sexual abuse complainant be turned into an accused? What kind of justice is that?



“We suspect foul play. We warn that officials involved in this case should not allow themselves to be used in circumventing the law. Any attempt to turn the case upside down will be resisted with every legitimate means available. We want those involved to know that Akpan is not alone. MURIC and all conscious and freedom-loving Nigerians are with him.



“MURIC demands justice for the Akpan family on this case of sexual assault on their underaged daughter. Also, in view of threats issued against the victim’s father, Mr. Tahir Akpan, we warn that nothing should happen to him or any member of his family.



“MURIC is in possession of the medical report which confirms a case of penetration and defilement against the culprit. We therefore warn all those who are making attempts to interfere with the course of justice in this case to steer clear. The Akpan family is fully aware of their Allah-given and fundamental human rights and any attempt to encroach on any aspect of their rights will be rebuffed with the full force of the law.



“Finally, we commend the police in Iba for playing their role professionally and fearlessly. By taking the case to court, the police have proved that they have no skeleton in their cupboard.



“However, it is not over until it is over. There is one more thing the police needs to do. We demand full protection for the family and the onus falls on the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Iba Police Station, Iba, to ensure this for Mr. Tahir Akpan and all members of his family. MURIC will continue to monitor the situation until justice prevails.”





Professor Ishaq Akintola,

Executive Director,

Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)


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