1st March, 2022




The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) yesterday, Monday, 28th February, 2022, asked the Taraba State governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku, to explain why only Christians were appointed as principal officers in Taraba State University and as permanent secretaries in the ministries.



In a press statement issued today, Tuesday, 1st March, 2022, the governor responded by accusing MURIC of doing the bidding of some politicians and trying to set the state ablaze.



However, the Islamic human rights organisation has debunked the governor’s claims. MURIC insisted that it has no political allies in Taraba except the unbreakable tentacles of the Muslim brotherhood.



MURIC said :


“Yesterday, Monday, 28th February, 2022 we asked Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba State to explain why only Christians were appointed as principal officers in Taraba State University and as permanent secretaries in the ministries. His response came very swiftly today, Tuesday 1st March, 2022.



“Unfortunately the governor provided no single answer to our questions. Instead of going straight to the issues raised, Ishaku went into tirades. He accused MURIC of ‘working for selfish and unpatriotic politicians.’ He also alleged that we are out to set his state on fire (


“Governor Ishaku’s response is not only empty and escapist, it is unexpectedly juvenile. We are disappointed that the governor could descend this low, parrying questions and trying to hit MURIC below the belt. He has not answered any of the questions at all. Even a primary five pupil will give the governor F9. Yes, F9. What did we ask him? What is he telling us? His cock and bull stories will not sell in any discourse platform.



“MURIC has no political allies in Taraba. What we have are our Muslim brothers in the state with whom Allah has joined us to the same umbilical cord, the cord of Islam. There is no difference between the Northern Muslim and the Southern Muslim. We will continue to raise our voice against Ishaku’s tyranny until this injustice is addressed.



“Governor Ishaku’s allegation that MURIC wants to set his state ablaze is false, illogical and malicious. MURIC has never been involved in any violent act since its establishment in 1994. Our motto is ‘Dialogue, No Violence’. We use superior logic and persuasion. Ishaku wants to give a good dog a bad name so it can be hanged. But he has failed.



“How can asking Muslims to use their number to vote out an oppressor be interpreted as attempting to set the state on fire? Numbers must count in a democracy and we are simply awakening the consciousness of Muslims in the state to use the ballot papers to change their precarious condition. How does that translate to incitement?



“It would not have been necessary to call out Muslims for an electoral contest if the state governor had been fair to all. But alas, the reverse is the case. His claim that he ‘has always ensured that favours done to any religious group is replicated in the same quantum to the other’ is neither here nor there. Ishaku can say that to the marines.



“Why did the Taraba Muslim Council rise against him if he has been so fair? Taraba Muslims have held press conferences and issued press statements in the past two months accusing their state governor of marginalization. Which politician is sponsoring Muslims in the state? Are Taraba Muslims also planning to set their state ablaze?



“Governor Ishaku should look in the mirror if he is still looking for those trying to set his state on fire. He should know that he has been stoking the embers of religious crisis with his consistent manifestation of tramadolised religiousity in appointments, promotions, etc. He should simply adopt the principles of good governance and stop running from his own shadows.


“The governor should know that his actions must be interrogated as a public officer. That is exactly what MURIC is doing. We are putting him to task as a state governor in whose hands lie the welfare of citizens of his state. The Muslim Rights Concern must be concerned because 69% of citizens in Taraba state are Muslims. He failed to deny that percentage. He also failed to respond directly to the questions. That is not responsible leadership. That is not knowledgeable leadership.



“The questions we asked are very simple. Is it true or not that an interview was conducted by Taraba State University on 17th February, 2022? Is it true or not that all the three principal posts went to Christians? Is it true or not that all the senior Muslim civil servants mentioned by us were sidelined while junior ones under them who were Christians were appointed over their heads? Deny it if you can and we will give Nigerians trailer loads of evidence.



“We have our facts and facts are sacred. We also did our homework. Governor Ishaku has dozens of skeletons in his cupboard. He has failed to recognize the heterogenous nature of Taraba State. He should be a democrat by answering the questions. He should respond bravely and directly and stop beating around the bush.


“That was exactly what he did with the Taraba Muslim Council. He refused to respond to their questions. He is buying time. But that will not save him. Procrastination is the thief of time. He should stop wondering who is sponsoring his critic. Your Excellency Sir, address the message, not the messenger.



Professor Ishaq Akintola,


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).