2nd December, 2023




President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been advised to shun the LGBT accord which will legalise lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in Nigeria. The advice was given by an Islamic human rights advocacy group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) on Saturday, 2nd December, 2023. The statement was signed by the group’s Executive Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola.

He said:

“Western countries under the aegis of the EU-ACP have been putting Nigeria under pressure to join countries that legalise lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) relationship.


“This has always been the goal of globalization from the onset. We reject this concept. It is evil, immoral, luciferous and abominable. It is also against the order of nature. Allah created all in pairs of opposite sex. How can life continue if we turn it to same sex?


“Any agreement signed with the Satanic LGBT group will contravene Nigeria’s Anti-Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act of 2013. This law was designed to protect morality and sanity in the Nigerian society. We endorse this law and we assert that it must remain sacrosanct.


“Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) clearly condemned homosexualism when he said, ‘Do you lustfully approach men instead of women? No, you are an ignorant people’ (Glorious Qur’an 27:56). He also said, ‘You approach the men of all creatures and you leave your wives whom your Lord created for you’ (26:166-167).


“It was for this satanic act that Allah destroyed the people of Lut in Sodom and Gomorrah. ‘When Our command came, we turned that city upside down and rained layer upon layer of clay on it’ (Glorious Qur’an 11:83).


“Neither does the Bible endorse lesbianism and homosexuality. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says homosexuality will prevent those who engage in it from entering the kingdom of God.  Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 29:13 affirm that it is an abomination for a man to lie with another man as he would with a woman. Paul the apostle said homosexuality results from a rejection of God (Romans 1:26-27).


“Homosexuality is straight from the pit of hell as far as Nigerian traditional practices are concerned. Nothing like it has surfaced in our history. Our ancestors were conscious of an Almighty Creator who arranged nature with divine wisdom, pairing masculine with feminine. They never permitted any pollution or deviation.

“MURIC calls on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to shun the LGBT accord. But at the same time Nigerians must understand that there is no gain without pain. Those Western countries whose immoral ideas are rejected are most likely to hit back at our leaders or Nigeria as a country through some other means. Nigerians must be prepared to make sacrifices. We cannot eat our cake and have it.”





Professor Ishaq Akintola,

Executive Director,

Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).



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